Funding Care

Funding Care

Choosing care is difficult enough without the added pressure of not knowing what support is available out there for funding care. There are different options available for funding care, some options require assessments from local authorities, Commissioning groups and self-funding or contributions.

Below is a list of possible ways to fund your care and the way in which we could support you at Falcon-Care.


This is where the care provided is invoiced to you directly and you can either pay by cheque or BACS transfer. All invoices are to be paid weekly. This option is for Private clients that are not eligible for funding support.

Direct Payments

Direct payments

Direct payments – arranging and paying for care. Paying for care services (for yourself or someone you are caring for) with direct payments from your local council gives you independence, choice, and control. There are websites available that have detailed information about how financial assessments take place from Adult social services such as:

Fully funded care

This is usually provided via local authority social services or Clinical Commissioning group

Fully Funded Care
Attendance Allowance

Attendance allowance

Attendance Allowance is a benefit for people over State Pension age who need help with personal care or supervision because of illness or disability. There are usually two different entitlements which are usually £59.70 per week or £89.15 depending on the level of care you require and are usually paid to you every 4 weeks. You can find more information on attendance allowance on:

Age UK

Carers allowance

You could get £67.25 a week if you care for someone at least 35 hours a week, you can choose to be paid weekly in advance or every 4 weeks. To find out more information and if you are eligible to claim carers allowance, visit:

Carers Allowance

Here at Falcon-Care we are here to support you and give you advise on the professional knowledge we have, if you are still worried or concerned how to fund your care you can call and speak with our senior management team who will be happy to guide you in the right direction as we understand this can be very confusing and daunting. We can not offer to support you financially but our skills and professional contacts can make a funding process much smoother for you.

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