Coronavirus Help & Support

Falcon-Care is keeping fully updated with the latest developments relating to the continued spread of Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

Falcon-Care is fully aware of developments relating to the continued spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across the UK. We are routinely monitoring developments, reviewing our protocols, and preparing appropriate responses as the situation evolves. Falcon-Care is committed to ensuring all steps are taken to protect the health and wellbeing of all our colleagues and customers.

We're prepared

Just as we have done previously in preparation for and during virus outbreaks, Falcon-Care continues to work closely with Local Health Authorities, CCG’s, UKHCA and Care Regulators in order to protect colleagues and customers and maintain service delivery. Here at Falcon-Care our office is keeping its Business Continuity Plans under review in preparation for a possible escalation of the outbreak.

At Falcon-Care we will continue to provide the highest level of care and support our customers expect during the coronavirus pandemic. We continue to follow government guidance in the UK to ensure we protect our customers and our staff. There are a number of measures we have taken to ensure we protect our customers, our staff and members of the public including (but not limited to):

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