Choosing Care

Choosing care

Choosing care can be a daunting and emotional experience for everyone involved.

Homecare, also known as Domiciliary care, is usually the first choice for many people who need help with day-to-day activities to enable them to live independent lives and supports people to remain at home. Homecare is flexible, it enables you to have control over your care package and also set goals you wish to achieve.

Deciding what type of homecare, you will need

Look for a care agency that can provide tailored support to your needs and wishes. For example, are you needing care for a few hours a week or do you need longer times during certain hours of the day, or do you require 24hr care? Also consider if the agency will adapt to the changes of needs in the future you should always ask this when speaking to the service about present care and future planning.

Choosing Care
Care Service

Make a list of what you expect from the care service

Before you choose a care agency make a list of your requirements so you can compare agencies and choose the right agency for you. Consider the following when making this list:

  • What specific activities do you need help with?
  • How often do you want them to visit?
  • What time do you want them to visit? And is this fixed or flexible?
  • How many hours/days a week can you afford to have help? Base it on the services charge rates as each company has different charge rates.
  • Do you get the full length of visit?
  • Do you get a core team of care workers?
  • Are staff trained to meet your needs I.E Peg trained if required, Stoma trained, Tracheostomy, Nebuliser or any other specific needs you may have?

What else can we do?

You can ask your local authority social care team, GP or another healthcare professional for recommendation. Alternatively, you can source care agencies from the below recommended sites this will show you all the registered agencies in your area.

Care Providers

Check the CQC ratings and make a shortlist of possible providers

Check all the reviews on, Facebook and social media pages also Google and the CQC rating of all the providers that meet your needs and wishes. All homecare providers are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who set out regulations and standards of care that providers are expected to work within and meet legally.

Make a shortlist of care providers that you feel meet your needs.

Contact the providers on your shortlist

Give the provider an initial call to go through your needs then arrange to meet a representative from the service preferably at your home. Do not be afraid to ask questions and be assertive of your wishes. If you can ask a family member or friend to join you to help support, you to keep track of everything that is discussed and potentially help you to make a decision.

  • Questions about carers and experience and training they have.
  • Questions about your care needs and how they will fulfil your needs, wishes, preferences and goals
  • Questions about care visits such as times, flexibility and fixed times and future planning
  • Questions about charge rates and terms and conditions of service
  • Questions about the care provider such as: What their background is, what experience the services management team have, their ethos and objectives.
Care Providers Shortlist

Questions about funding?

Choosing care is difficult enough without the added pressure of not knowing what support is available out there for funding care.

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