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At Falcon-Care our supported Living services support people with physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, sensory impairments and learning disabilities. Our Goal is to support each individual to become more independent in their own homes/accommodation, or the wider community to live a fulfilling life while meeting their life time goals and personal targets to become independent.

Our team of highly experienced supported living and healthcare professionals have specialist training, allowing them to deliver the highest quality services capably and confidently for the individuals we support. Falcon-Care offer both core and one to one support, all of which is designed around the individual needs and wishes of each person.

Supported Living Services
Given the choice, 97% of us would prefer to continue living at home

More Information About Supported Living Services

  • What is Supported Living?
  • Supported living is typically defined as housing where support and/or care services are provided to help people retain their independence as much as possible. Supported living provides people with individual tenancies. This means that they have a home of their own and will benefit from a greater level of autonomy as far as their environment is concerned.

    People may live in an individual flat or have a room in a house with two or three other adults with similar support needs. Personalised care and support are designed and provided according to the needs of the individual, with a focus on maintaining, or if appropriate, increasing independence. Visiting support workers will work with individuals to help them live the way they want to, and access services and social activities as required. While meals are not provided, support workers can assist with shopping and cooking as needed.

  • Who is Supported Living For?
  • Our highly experienced supported living and healthcare professionals will provide person centred care and support for individuals with but not limited to:

    • Learning Disabilities
    • Physical Disabilities
    • Acquired Brain Injuries
    • Complex Care Needs
    • Challenging Behaviour

    Supported living is ideal for people with:

    • Personal budgets
    • Direct payments
    • Self-funding
  • How we support you?
  • Our purpose at Falcon-Care is to improve lives. We can support people to discover new hobbies, activities and friendships, spending quality time with like-minded people. We pride ourselves on helping each individual we support to find the confidence and self-belief they need to follow their personal goals and dreams. Falcon-Care achieve this by offering a truly personalised approach in everything that we do. Our support is always tailored around each person’s likes, dislikes, and ambitions, creating person centred support plans in partnership with each person’s family and support networks, keeping everyone involved and informed, because we know how important it is for the people, we support to stay connected with the people they care about most.

    If you would like further information on our Supported Living services please contact us today.

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